H2O Hydroponics in Lansing has officially been acquired by GrowGeneration. H2O Hydroponics did $4 million in sales last year. They are estimating that Marijuana sales will be around $3 billion globally once it is available all over. They bring in a lot of tax for the country being around $495.7 million. It’s a booming business that has many positive effects for the country. Hopefully our lawmakers will start to see this in the near future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Denver-based GrowGeneration has purchased the assets of Lansing’s H2O Hydroponics LLC.
  • One report estimated the total economic impact of cannabis sales will approach $8 billion.
  • The law permits individuals to grow up to 12 plants and/or possess up to 10 ounces of cannabis.

“The recreation marijuana market in Michigan is expected to be a boom for the suppliers like GrowGeneration.”

Read more: https://www.dbusiness.com/daily-news/h2o-hydroponics-in-lansing-acquired-by-growgeneration-new-organic-garden-operations-coming-to-state-capital/

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