GrowGeneration has completed this week a purchase of H2O Hydroponics assets. The corporation is the largest national chain of specialized garden centers focusing on organic growth and hydroponics, with 27 store locations. The newest acquisition will allow GrowGeneration to open a location in Lansing, which will in addition to retail operations serve also as a fulfillment center. This expansion will create new jobs in the industry, which in Michigan alone already employs over 13,500 people directly with an almost half-a-billion total revenue for state in combined taxes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grow generation is planning on purchasing hydroponics and opening up another location to make it possible.
  • The supply chain for this type of growing has grown significantly in recent years.
  • There will be locations all over, including in Michigan, Michigan was only the tenth state to legalize marijuana.

“In November 2018, Michigan became the tenth state to legalize cannabis for adults and the first state to do so in the Midwest.”

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