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Vertical Grow Rack Definition

A vertical grow rack is an industrial-strength shelf that allows growers to cultivate multiple layers of plants. These racks are often made of steel and can have three or four rows for growing. They can also come as mobile vertical grow racks, allowing growers to move the rack as needed in order to grow more plants in the same amount of space, and according to the growth cycle.

Benefits of Using a Vertical Grow Rack

One of the primary challenges of growing cannabis is having enough space for cultivating as many plants as possible. For indoor operations, vertical grow racks allow operators to produce multiple layers of crops simultaneously. By building up, growers can utilize more of their warehouse space and get a much higher yield. 

With mobile grow racks, growers can maneuver the rack for different purposes. For example, instead of pulling the plants out one by one, workers can move the entire rack to a separate room for harvesting, drying, curing, or inspection. Also, some high-end racks have movable shelves to allow workers to access the top levels without needing a ladder. 

Can You Grow Cannabis Without a Vertical Rack?

Yes, you can grow cannabis without vertical grow racks. In fact, if your operation is outdoors, you won’t be able to use them anyway. Typically, these items are ideal for indoor cultivation where space is limited. However, if you have the infrastructure and capital, grow racks allow you to maximize your crop yield without needing a larger warehouse. 

Disadvantages of Using a Vertical Grow Rack

Although these racks can help increase your yield, they’re not infallible. One potential downside is that the rack height can limit the growth of each plant. While you could move the plants from the rack to a larger area, that kind of defeats the purpose. 

Another issue is that you need lights on lower levels since they won’t be able to get light from above as easily. 

Mostly, the main disadvantage of vertical grow racks is just the cost. But for the most part, the return makes the investment worth it. 

In many cases, grow racks are best for auto-flowering plants because they don’t grow as high as other seed varieties. 

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