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What is Topping Cannabis Plants?

Topping cannabis is a common cultivation technique that removes the main central cola (or apical meristem) from a cannabis plant. This is typically done to encourage the growth of multiple, smaller colas (or bud sites) instead of a single large one.

How Often Can You Top Plants?

You can perform cannabis topping multiple times throughout the vegetative stage, but many growers choose to do it just once or twice. Doing it more than twice can stress plants and result in smaller yields.

When’s the Best Time for Topping Cannabis?

The best time to top plants is when they’re young and actively growing. This allows them plenty of time to recover and continue thriving.

How To Top Your Cannabis Plants

Topping is simple: remove the main cola with a sharp, clean knife or pair of scissors. Sterilize your cutting tool first to avoid introducing diseases or pests to your plants. After topping, allow the plant a few days to recover before resuming its normal growth cycle.

While topping may seem like a lot of work, it can be a helpful tool for increasing yields and improving the quality of your harvest. Removing the main cola forces the plant to produce multiple smaller ones, each of which can have just as much bud as the original. This technique benefits growers limited in space, allowing them to get more bud from each plant.

Topping is a cultivation technique worth trying if you’re looking to increase your yields. Just remember to do it early in the vegetative stage and take care not to stress your plants too much. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to produce some great buds come harvest time.

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