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What is Super Cropping?

Super cropping is the process of using high-stress techniques (HST) to improve the yields of individual plants. When done correctly, super cropping can help growers get more buds from their plants. However, the steps involved can be pretty tricky for new growers, so there’s a bit of risk involved. Also, this process is time-consuming because you have to work on plants individually, not necessarily as a crop. Overall, super cropping works best for small-scale operations, not massive grow houses. 

Common Super Cropping Techniques

The first step to super cropping correctly is starting at the right time. Professionals recommend waiting until the plants are about 10 to 12 inches tall. Growers should never super crop auto-flowering or fast-growing plants because there’s very little time for recovery. Common tactics include: 

  • Selective Pruning – By removing leaves that don’t see much light, the plant can divert more energy to the leaves and buds that get lots of light coverage. 
  • Branch Pruning – Just as leaves can draw energy from the plant, so can branches. Super croppers will remove smaller and lower branches so the plant can deliver high-quality buds to the best nodes more efficiently. 
  • Topping – Topping is when you manipulate branches to grow out from the central stalk, so they get more light and nutrients. Most growers use a screen for this process. 
  • Knuckling – This technique requires a bit of mastery, but the idea is to break the inner hull while leaving the outer hull intact. The plant will develop a knuckle at the break site. This wider section allows for more efficient dispersion of nutrients to the leaves and buds. When done correctly, knuckling can help increase yields significantly. 

Pros and Cons of Super Cropping

  • Pro: Better Yields – If you can take the time to stress your plants correctly, you can see bigger and better buds, and a single plant will have a lot more to harvest. 
  • Con: Time-Consuming – Pruning and knuckling a single plant can take a while. So, trying to do that with a massive crop is virtually impossible without teams of workers. 
  • Pro: No Expensive Equipment Necessary – Each technique requires essential tools you should already have in your grow house. 
  • Con: Tricky to Master – We recommend practicing on one or two plants until you get each technique down. Otherwise, you could risk disease or lackluster growth. 

Can You Grow Cannabis Without Super Cropping?

Yes, you can grow cannabis without performing these techniques. If you’re a new grower, cultivating autoflowers, or growing on a massive scale, super cropping is actually detrimental to your yields.  

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