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Sativa Definition

Sativa is one of the two primary varieties of cannabis. This strain is recognized by its long, skinny leaves and tall, thin stalks. Sativa cannabis is often grown in hot, dry climates with long stretches of sun. The plant originated from Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia. 

Comparing Sativa and Indica Strains

The other primary cannabis strain is Indica, and both options have some pretty notable differences. Growers tend to favor one over the other, but some operations may grow both because of their unique compositions and benefits. Here is a rundown of what you can expect from Sativa cannabis compared to Indica. 

  • THC Levels – THC is the ingredient that gets one high from smoking or ingesting cannabis. Sativa has relatively high THC levels, and the effects usually make the user more energetic and creative. 
  • CBD – CBD is the other primary cannabinoid within the plant, and Sativa often has low doses of it. 
  • Side Effects – Sativa strains can be used any time of day because it stimulates the brain, while Indica helps one relax and fall asleep. Some users may take Sativa to help spur creativity. 

Unique Needs of Sativa Plants

Because Sativa plants are used to hot and sunny climates, growers need to replicate these conditions in their grow houses. Also, these plants need a bit more room because they grow tall. Therefore, grow rooms need higher ceilings, warmer temperatures, and much more light than a room used to grow Indica. Finally, Sativa plants need extra humidity to absorb moisture because of their skinnier leaves. 

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