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What is Kief (or “Keif”)?

Kief, sometimes spelled “keif”, is a popular cannabis concentrate, and the oldest. It comes from the trichomes, or resin glands, of the cannabis plant. These glands are full of cannabinoids and terpenes, which give cannabis its unique flavor and effects. Kief is the after product of trimming a cannabis bud, and generally has a strong THC level compared to flower because of its purity.

How to Collect Kief?

Kief is easy to collect. All you need is a grinder with a kief catcher. When you grind cannabis buds in the grinder, the trichomes will fall through a screen into a separate chamber to collect them. This method takes time, but it’s the most common way to collect kief.

Growers use a unique method to collect kief. They put cannabis buds into a dry sieve or tumbler and shake them until the trichomes fall off. This is ideal for growers because it’s a quick way to collect large amounts of kief.

Some people use specialty kief boxes with different size screens to collect kief. These boxes rub the cannabis bud, and the trichomes fall through the screen into the box.

Why Use Kief?

Kief is often used to make hashish, another popular cannabis concentrate. It can also make edibles, topicals, and other cannabis products more potent. Other options for using kief are possible, such as:

Add it to a Bowl:

You can mix it with cannabis buds in a bowl or pipe. This will make the smoke smoother and more potent. Add another concentrate, such as live rosin or shatter, for a real treat, and top the pipe with the kief.

Mix it With a Joint or Blunt:

Kief also mixes well with ground cannabis when rolling a joint or blunt. This will make the joint or blunt more potent. You can also roll the outside in another concentrate and sprinkle kief on it. This will make it burn slower and give you a more even smoke.

Make Moonrocks:

Moonrocks are a type of cannabis covered in oil and rolled in kief. They’re potent, and most people use a pipe or bong to smoke them. You can make your own moonrocks by rolling buds in hash oil and dipping them in kief.

Press Rosin:

Rosin is a type of concentrate that’s made with heat and pressure. You can use a hair straightener or rosin press to press kief and make rosin. It is also ideal for pressing rosin. This is a quick and easy way to make potent cannabis products.

Kief is a popular cannabis concentrate because it’s easy to make and use. It’s also potent and can be used in many ways. If you want to try something new, kief is an excellent option.

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