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What is a Cannabis Hybrid Strain?

Cannabis hybrid is a plant that has the characteristics of sativa and indica cannabis plants. Most cannabis today offers combined characteristics of the two cannabis plants, and depending on their lineage, is considered either indica- or sativa-dominant because of the greater proportion of the particular strain. There also is the balanced cannabis hybrid strain, which features an equal mix of sativa and indica with neither being dominant in the plant.

It can be difficult to find truly pure strains of either indica or sativa because of the extensive cross-breeding occurring in the cannabis market today. These modern cannabis hybrid plants can be tall with bushy leaves or short with thin leaves, and feature a variety of unique qualities that also distinguish them from the pure strains. 

How are the Cannabis Hybrid Strains different?

The common terms used in the cannabis industry of indica, sativa and hybrid are not as different as once thought. When breaking them down, indica and sativa are both part of the Cannabis sativa L species on a molecular level. In other words, the common effects of cannabis are really more the result of a combined effect that happens with all strains when they are ingested into the body, not effects associated with indica or sativa. This combined effect, known as the entourage effect, is based on the idea that in addition to THC, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids combine to create a unique experience in the user’s body.

Because of this entourage effect, the cannabis hybrid is not really that different from indica or sativa. Instead, cannabis hybrid serves as a combination of strains that has unique effects on individual users based on the THC, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids contained in the strains. Its characteristics are heavily influenced by the dominant indica or sativa strain in the hybrid. 

What are notable characteristics of Cannabis Hybrid plants?

It is not necessarily easy to identify a cannabis hybrid strain because it will share characteristics of the indica and sativa strains. But there are certain features that can help identify certain characteristics, such as:

Indica Cannabis Hybrid or Indica-Dominant

  • Small, thick buds
  • Heavy skunky odor
  • Bluish or purplish tint

Sativa Cannabis Hybrid or Sativa-Dominant

  • Thin wispy buds
  • Light fruity odor
  • Fluffy or spongy feel

Why is Cannabis Hybrid Important for Cannabis Growers?

Cannabis hybrid strains offer more flexibility to cannabis growers. Because they are just as potent as landrace, or pure indica and sativa, strains, the crossbreeding used to create cannabis hybrid plants gives growers the ability to develop plants with specific properties. For example, if a breeder wants to develop a cannabis hybrid plant that is stronger than the pure strain, they can use crossbreeding techniques to experiment with plants.

This ability to expand upon the characteristics found in nature of pure indica or sativa strains is what has made the cannabis hybrid plant so popular among growers.

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