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Grow Journal

Grow Journal

What is a Grow Journal?

A cannabis grow journal is a journal used to track and monitor everything from propagation and vegetation to flowering, drying, and curing your cannabis plants. The journal helps cultivators keep tabs on all steps of the cultivation process, including the factors that can affect yield and what the yield turns out to be. 

The Essential Parts of a Cannabis Grow Journal 

A cannabis grow journal is usually broken down into several sections, including: 

  • A propagation grow log 
  • A vegetation grow log 
  • A flowering grow log 
  • A drying log 
  • A curing log 

Each section of the journal will have notes about the plants and dates, but also the different important attributes that affect the specific stage of the growth. For example, in propagation, attributes like day and night humidity, temperatures, and watering should be recorded. Likewise, during flowering, things that should be recorded can include light timing, trichome quality, the presence of pests, and the pH level of the soil. 

The Benefits of a Grow Journal 

Keeping a grow journal is the best way to monitor all conditions and their outcomes when growing cannabis. By recording the most pertinent information, growers are reminded to closely monitor all the attributes that can affect their grow at different stages. However, this journal also becomes an easy reference to use when something goes awry. For example, if you see the plant suddenly stop growing during the vegetation stage, you can look and see what you have done differently as far as temperature or watering that could have caused the sudden change. Other benefits of keeping a cannabis grow journal include: 

  • You get a reference for future grows once the journal is complete 
  • You can better track the different stages of the plant so you can adequately prepare for each new stage 
  • You can watch how the plant responds to different actions, such as fertilizing, soil quality, or watering
  • You can potentially enhance the yield of the bud with your current and future grows

In short, keeping a journal allows you to fine-tune everything from watering to light cycles to figure out which plant responds best to which actions. This information can be invaluable for ongoing cultivation. 

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Grow Journal


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