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What is a Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis flower is the smokable part of the cannabis plant, enriched with trichomes. The flower is the most popular way to consume cannabis because it is versatile and provides an immediate effect. The flower, typically ground up, can be smoked in a rolled joint, pipe, bowl or bong, and added to edibles.

The cannabis flower, also known as bud, contains cannabinoids. Female plants produce flowers in the “bloom” stage that can be consumed in six to eight weeks.

What Are the Different Parts of the Cannabis Flower?

The two types of cannabis plants, Indica and Sativa, have different THC and CBD levels that produce different effects. The sativa plant produces a long, thin leaf that is light in color. The Indica plant’s leaf is broad and dark. Here are some common parts of the plants’ flowers:

  • Cola: A cluster of buds that are blossoming; a term used to describe the bud or flowering area of the female plant.
  • Cannabinoids: In the flower, there are many cannabinoids, although the most well known are THC and CBD. They interact with certain receptors within different areas of the body’s nervous system to produce the psychoactive effects, with CB1 and CB2 serving as the main receptors.
  • Trichomes: The visible crystals on the plants’ flowering tops that serve as a main source of THC. The trichomes dictate how potent a cannabis plant will be. Trichomes vary in color and size, depending on the cannabis plant strain and where in the growing cycle the plant is. Growers use trichome to identify when a fully mature plant is ready to be harvested. 
  • Terpenes: These organic aromas found in the cannabis flowering plant’s oils produce a separate benefit. The oils have an increased effect when metabolized after ingestion. Cannabinoids and terpenes work together to enhance the medicinal qualities of cannabis.

Why is Cannabis Flower Important for Cannabis Growers?

Cannabis flower is the critical part of the plant that generates the effects consumers seek when smoking or ingesting marijuana. It is the terpenes and cannaboids found in the cannabis plants grown from feminized seeds that provide potency. The plant flowers contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which produces the psychoactive experience known as the “high.”

Growers focus on three different qualities of cannabis flower:

  • Private reserve: Describes the best cannabis available from cultivation and harvest, requiring extensive care and very particular harvesting to carefully collect the flower.
  • Top shelf: Refers to high-quality cannabis that doesn’t meet the private reserve quality; also referred to as chronic, puff, artisanal, fire and loud. This quality plant requires lots of attention from growers and meticulous harvesting, with dark to bright green buds with purple or orange shoots and plenty of intact trichomes.
  • Bottom shelf: This is the lowest quality cannabis, also known as dirt week, popcorn, ditch week and brick weed. This cannabis contains seeds and stems, and is often brown in color without a strong scent or any visible trichomes.

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