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What is a Cannabis Seed?

A cannabis seed is a small, round, dark brown to black seed from the female cannabis plant. The seeds are used to grow new cannabis plants. Cannabis seeds contain high THC and CBD levels, making them ideal for medical and recreational use.

Cannabis Seed Anatomy

The seeds are encased in a hard shell that protects the embryo inside. The shell is typically dark brown or black with light brown, yellow, or red spots. A plant embryo includes a tiny root and a set of leaves called cotyledons. These are the first leaves that a cannabis plant will grow when germinated.

When the seed germinates, the root breaks through the shell and begins to grow downwards into the soil. The cotyledons remain inside the body until they receive light, pushing through the shell and beginning to grow upwards. The cotyledons will eventually turn into the first true leaves of the plant.

How Are Cannabis Seeds Produced?

Although today’s cannabis plants are seedless, you still need female seeds to produce them. To create these seeds, specialized growers handpick two parent plants with the desired characteristics and then cross-pollinate them. We know this process as selective breeding.

Once the parent plants have been pollinated, the grower lets them mature and then harvests the seeds. They then store the seeds until they’re ready to be used.

What Are Seed Types to Purchase?

Not all cannabis seeds are created equal. There are three primary types of cannabis seeds that you can purchase:

Regular Seeds:

These contain a mix of male and female chromosomes and can produce either gender of a plant. They’re typically used by growers who want to breed their own plants.

Feminized Seeds:

These contain only female chromosomes and will produce only female plants. Feminized seeds are the most popular type of seed purchased by growers.

Auto-flowering Seeds:

These contain male and female chromosomes but will automatically begin flowering after a set time, regardless of the light cycle. Autoflower seeds are popular with growers who want a quick and easy harvest.

Cannabis seeds are an essential part of the cannabis growing process. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to develop new plants. Cannabis seeds come in various types, each with its own characteristics. When choosing cannabis seeds, selecting the type best suits your needs is essential.

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