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Pictured Above: Mobius Trimmer Bucking Machine

Bucking Definition: What is Bucking?

Bucking is the process of trimming buds and leaves from a cannabis plant. This process can be either “wet” or “dry,” and it’s an essential part of cannabis drying. 

Why is Bucking Important? 

Bucking is necessary because it helps increase the total plant yield. Growers must buck their cannabis plants if they want to extract as many buds as possible. Without this step, the plant could have stunted growth, leading to a smaller crop and lower profits for the operation. Because bucking is so crucial, many companies provide machines to facilitate this step. 

How Does Bucking Fit Into a Cannabis Operation? 

Bucking is the first step for drying cannabis plants after harvesting them. There are two types of bucking – wet and dry. Here’s a quick overview of each type. 

Wet Bucking: This happens as soon as the plants are harvested before the leaves dry out. This option is often easier to do because the leaves can wilt and curl once dry, making them harder to find. Most growers prefer wet bucking, especially because machines can make the process much faster. 

Dry Bucking: Once the plant is dry, growers can remove excess leaves and buds. Again, machines can facilitate faster bucking, but removing these pieces is harder once they’re dried out. 

Can You Grow Cannabis Without Bucking? 

Yes, you can, but there’s no point. As a grower, you want to get the highest crop yield from each plant, so bucking allows you to maximize your profits. However, if you’re just growing cannabis for personal use, you may not need to spend time bucking when harvesting. 

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