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What is Bubbleponics? Bubbleponics Definition

Bubbleponics is a derivative of deep-water culture hydroponic growing. Instead of simply submerging the plant roots in a nutrient-rich solution, bubbleponics feeds nutrients through air tubes threaded through the roots. Because air constantly flows into the system, it creates a lot of bubbles, hence the name. 

Bubbleponics vs. Standard Hydroponic Growing

Both traditional deep-water culture (DWC) and bubbleponics growing are effective at producing crops. However, a bubbleponics system works more efficiently because it feeds each plant nutrients rather than letting the roots absorb whatever they can find in the water. 

There are several reasons why bubbleponics is often considered superior to standard DWC growing, such as: 

  • Fast Growth Cycles – You can bring your cannabis through the vegetative and flowering phases much quicker, meaning you can harvest more crops in less time. 
  • Low Maintenance – While you have to keep a close eye on the nutrient mixture, you can let a bubbleponics system run continuously throughout the life cycle of your plants. So, you can focus more on inspecting your cannabis and maximizing your yields and less time on hydroponic logistics. 
  • Easy to Setup – Bubbleponic systems are excellent for beginners because it’s much easier for the roots to get nutrients. With a deep-water system, it’s easy for newbies to get the mixture wrong, leading to smaller crops or overfeeding. 

Overall, the only major downside to bubbleponics is that it requires more equipment and infrastructure. Also, if you’re planning on growing large-scale crops, you’ll have to overcome several logistical hurdles to ensure you can grow more plants in the same amount of space. 

Can You Grow Cannabis Without Using Bubbleponics?

Yes, you can. Standard deep-water culture doesn’t require as much equipment, or you can simply grow your cannabis in nutrient-rich soil. However, if you have limited space indoors and want to grow your cannabis as quickly as possible, this method is an excellent option. 

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