During the current pandemic, many people have taken up gardening and cooking as a step towards self-reliance. Growing herbs is a bridge between these activities. Most herbs can be grown inside and are a great addition to home cooking, in addition to being very economical as compared to purchases from the store. Bulkier herbs like mint or fennel are few exceptions and should be grown outdoors. The choice of herbs depends on the foods you like. Cilantro, basil and chives go well with many dishes. Starting the growth from the seed is often slow. Proper drainage and watering as needed are critical for the success of your indoor herb garden.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will save a lot of money by growing your own herbs, as you can get multiple meals from just one plant.
  • Mint, dill, lemon balm and fennel are some of the herbs that should be grown outdoors, not indoors.
  • Packaged potting soil is ideal because it is lightweight and it provides proper drainage.

“Cooking and gardening have taken the country by storm and easy-to-grow herbs act as a bridge between the two, adding flavor to our food and confidence to our gardening.”

Read more: https://www.chinookobserver.com/life/from-pot-to-table-easy-indoor-herbs-spice-up-cooking/article_02f942d6-acca-11ea-bd06-7f0bb5551f95.html

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