Instead of buying herbs from the supermarket, a much fresher and safer way to get herbs is to simply plant them yourself. When planting herbs, it’s important to do research as each specific herb requires a different amount of water and sunlight each day. Most herbs will thrive with packaged potting soil as this soil allows for great drainage and is very lightweight. You typically want to plant these herbs in pots or containers. After they have finished growing, snip them off, chop them up and apply to your food.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using package potting soil is best for herbs because this soil is lightweight and drains well which is essential for herbs.
  • Herbs need different amounts of water, so it’s important to do research before planting them. Not all herbs require the same amount.
  • You can grow herbs indoors or outdoors and after they sprout you can use them to make your food taste much better.

““It’s more cost effective to grow herbs for yourself,” Edmunds said. “The precut herbs in plastic clamshells get expensive. And you can get multiple meals out of a single plant for much less cost than purchasing them.””

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