Forbes recently ran a piece for International Women’s Day on eight women who it believes are leaders in the field of cannabis. The people were picked because they created something out of nothing. They range from CEOs to people trying to teach people how to build successful cannabis businesses with a program partnered with Oaksterdam University and Hood Incubator.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forbes recently ran a piece on 8 women who are leaders in the cannabis industry.
  • The list included: Julia Jacobson of Aster Farms, Liz Jackson-Simpson and Angela White of Success Centers SF, Chrissy Hadar of Oregrown Industries, Marie Montarquet of MD Farms, Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin of DoubleBlind, Sally Nichols of GirlVentures and Bloom Farm Distribution/Bloom Farms CBD.
  • The author says they were selected because they created something out of nothing.

Quote: “In honor of this day, even if I am a day late, I’m lucky to be able to share the enthusiasm and verve of the following women in cannabis who have faced adversity during their climb to success.” (Bobrow, 2020)

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