Most of the population is living in Urban areas and the trend is set to continue to accelerate. Part of the problem will be making sure everyone has enough food. A solution to this is to have fruits and vegetables growing in Urban areas. We can do this either by growing in small spaces by making space for tiny gardens or growing shelves. The other way is by using hydroponic growing to grow food without having to use soil at all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forecasts from the UN show that 68% of the world could live in rural areas soon, and this will increase the need for urban farming.
  • Studies show that only using 10% of a cities space for urban farming could feed 15% of the local cities population.
  • Urban farming can help people in local communities gain access to fresh produce and the food will be grown close to the source of demand.

“Not getting access to enough food is a serious situation which affects people around the world.”

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