The Environmental Defense Fund is advocating for the Growing Climate Solutions Act which has been introduced in the Senate. While this bill is limited in only offering one type of credit for sustainability, it is seen as a step forward for allowing farmers to do the ethically correct thing while not having to take a huge cut to their bottom line. We have to support these programs to offset climate change as a country or the earth will become unlivable.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Environmental Defense Fund supports the Growing Climate Solutions Act, saying that it gives farmers more tools with which to develop and sell solutions to climate-related challenges.
  • Growing Climate Solutions Act focuses heavily on the purchasing of conservation credits, which counter environmental impact of one type with offsets in a different area.
  • Many questions remain regarding how to fairly and effectively develop offsets for various types of environmental impacts.

“The Growing Climate Solutions Act would direct the USDA to create a certification program for farmers to develop, verify and sell environmental credits.”

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