Western Illinois University has recently obtained a federally funded grant that will provide opportunities for academic community to conduct research on hydroponics, with specific focus on lettuce production. The grant calls for implementation of hyper-spectral reflectance, a technology that aids hydroponic growth. The beginnings of the research were humble, as the student-built system was used, but soon expertise was acquired to take the next step. Grant will provide funds to construction of a system that will have double the capacity of the existing one. In addition to research, the new hydroponic capability will provide an opportunity to grow food for campus students.

Key Takeaways:

  • Federally-funded researchers at Western Illinois University are working on a new hydroponics system made out of cheap materials like PVC.
  • The WIU research team is now using their hydroponics system, along with a special nutrient solution, to grow “Rex” butterhead lettuce more efficiently.
  • The WIU team says that the lettuce grown with their hydroponics system matures more quickly than regular lettuce, does not require pesticide, and also tastes better than traditionally-grown lettuce.

“Henning and Atherton are now attempting to improve nutrient recommendations for hydroponic lettuce in order to save producers both time and input costs.”

Read more: https://www.mcdonoughvoice.com/news/20200616/federal-ag-grant-to-elevate-hydroponic-lettuce-production-at-wiu

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