Farmers and nonprofits are suing the USDA because they are arguing that hydroponics can’t be organic. Their arguments stems from the fact that hydroponics aren’t grown in soil, which is where the organic label comes from. These farmers are accusing the USDA of creating this loophole so corporate hydroponic companies can profit. Farmers and nonprofits are arguing how important it is to grow in healthy soil, as healthy soil not only produces nutritious food but it also sequesters carbon which can help the environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Healthy soil is extremely important to producing nutritious food, and this also benefits the environment as it sequesters carbon.
  • Federal organic law requires that soil fertility and its’ organic production must be promoted.
  • Hydroponically growth can’t be certified as organic which has been criticized by the USDA as they disagree with that statement.

“Hydroponics cannot comply with federal organic standards because hydroponic crops are not grown in soil, the CFS claims.”

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