Drones may become much more important to farming techniques in the future because of the pandemic. The article, written by an owner of a drone company, says that the use of drones for agriculture has increased dramatically. It also says that the computer systems can detect things such as moisture levels based on the look and color of the crop. The drone can do the work necessary to make sure that the crop stays in shape or is harvested at the optimal time based on that information.

Key Takeaways:

  • The use of drones for farming may become more in vogue in light of the pandemic. The less a human has to touch the product the better it is for those who will touch it later.
  • The article states that there was a 32% increase in the use of drones in the agriculture space according to the article writer/owner of Drone Deploy.
  • It also says that they saw a 33% increase in takeoffs for agriculture verticals between mid-March to mid-April.

Quote: “Currently, drone software can automatically count plants shortly after they emerge from the ground to gauge if areas need to be re-planted (e.g., DroneDeploy’s Count AI tool can automatically calculate trees). It can also help understand which variety of seed performs the best in different types of soil, locations, climates, etc..” (Winn, 2020)

Link to article: https://www.futurefarming.com/Tools-data/Articles/2020/7/AI-to-help-create-a-smarter-post-COVID-19-agriculture-619157E/

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