A Charlottesville Senior Living facility created a hydroponic farming program that is turning heads. It has received the 2020 Argentum Best of the Best Award for its work. The program teamed up with Babylon Microfarms to create the program. The residents now have 45 varieties of leafy greens, and other produce to choose from and it is also fresh from the garden as implied.

Key Takeaways:
A senior living facility in Charlotte has created a hydroponic farming program.
The program supplies fresh food for the people in its care.
It works with Babylon Microfarms to help it with the program.

Quote: “According to the release, in 2016, the Farm to Table program was expanded and introduced seasonal seafood from the Chesapeake Bay.” (Dailyprogress.com, 2020)

Link to article: https://dailyprogress.com/business/local/commonwealth-senior-living-awarded-for-hydroponic-farming-program/article_a46cfbf1-bd0b-5ceb-a804-f62ee7c8462f.html

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