“There are products in marketplaces like Amazon where you can grow vertically but they are mostly targeted at beginner growers.”

Looking for vertical farming trays? There are questions you should ask yourself before settling on any of them. Why? It is because the decisions you make now affect what you will be doing in the immediate future. Of course, you can change everything you need to do but it might be like restarting your business. The reason why is because the equipment will be new and you will have to figure out how to optimize your processes for those items. You will also have to move your materials into that new apparatus. It is all doable but if you have the money then limiting the extra work later may be worth it in the beginning.

Are you growing right now? If you are growing right now then that will tell you where you need to go once you figure out how big you want to grow the next time out of the gate. If you do want to grow more and increase your profitability then you want to get something that is more robust than a growing apparatus that you might get on Amazon. If you are going to make more money then you are going to have to upgrade your gear. You will have to be able to grow your product vertically. There are products in marketplaces like Amazon where you can grow vertically but they are mostly targeted at beginner growers. You have to decide if you are going to continue associating with that level of production.

“Many of the products are meant to get a person’s feet wet in the game just to see if they are going to like it and continue using the systems.”

Another thing to think about is how mobile do you need the tray to be? A lot of the systems available on Amazon are mobile but they target the beginning grower or the hobbyist. Many of the products are meant to get a person’s feet wet in the game just to see if they are going to like it and continue using the systems. If you want to make this your business then you are going to have to look outside of these solutions and get a solution that is industrial grade.

You might be wondering if going industrial-grade means that you will lose the mobility you want or that you need. The answer is no if you buy correctly or buy with the thought you are going mobile in the first place. There are garden racks that allow you to grow vertically, to a point, and can be mobile at the same time. Keep in mind, however, they will be a single bay of a rack. The wheels are not meant to hold multiple bays of racks.

Finally, you might be wondering why you should get an industrial grade growing unit for your vertical farming tray. It is because, at best, the ones you find in most stores like Amazon or locally only hold 800 lbs all together. It does sound like a lot until you realize that a commercial-industrial grade growing rack can hold 2500 lbs. The best news is that the vertical farming tray we have in mind fits this level of growing perfectly.

If you want vertical farming trays that fit industrial level purposes then you can look at these vertical farming trays. You can call 503-470-5588 if you need more help for any reason.

You probably do not want a farm where someone can say, “that’s a cute little farm.”

One of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are looking at a mobile hydroponic farm set up is how mobile do you need it to be? The answer to that question will tell you what type of equipment you need in order to have the farm that you see in your head. If you are one of those beginners or smaller growers then your setup is probably going to look a lot different than someone who is established and has a bit more money.

The beginner grower is probably going to be okay using those chrome shelves you find in most one-stop shops. We are not even talking about one-stop grow shots either. You can find these in most stores like Target or on Amazon. However, what you learn very quickly once your business starts to get traction is that the shelving units are not good for industrial applications. Sure, you could buy more to have more space to grow but another truth about these systems is that they tend to get annoying. There are things on the shelving unit that will break down. They do not feel very good when they go over bumps or holes. Keep in mind that this is even true sometimes on the sidewalk divots. You are aware of the environment that you are growing in and you know where you will need to transport your product. If it is bumpy at all or you think you might be prone to spilling your products then you may not want to get any of those chrome rolling shelving units. They may not be well-suited to the application that you have in mind. If you are going to get any rolling units then you should consider rolling shelving units that are more up to the task and are more robust.

Most of those shelving units can only hold up to 800 lbs. If you get an industrial strength rack then you will find that you can hold up to 2500 per level.

The problem with those shelving units is that they were developed just for consumers. They are not meant for industrial or business crop growing levels. Again, they could be forced into that level through the acquisition of many of these items but that is not setting yourself up for success in the future. If you grow to the level where you can be associated with the phrase, “industrial farm”, or have any aspirations of reaching that level then you should start setting up for that movement now. Most of those shelving units can only hold up to 800 lbs. If you get an industrial strength rack then you will find that you can hold up to 2500 per level. A good thing because you already know that you have a lot of equipment that you need in order to grow your product.

A mobile hydroponic farm is something that you can obtain but you have to make sure that you are getting the right equipment or you are setting yourself up for failure in the future. You could get consumer-level products but you will not have a true farm that you can be proud to show off to friends and family. Competitors can be jealous of when they see it. You probably do not want a farm where someone can say, “that’s a cute little farm.” You want someone to be able to look at your operation and go now, “now that an industrial farm for sure.” You do not use consumer-level products to get that type of reaction or that type of profit level either. You want to make sure that you are using industrial-strength mobile racks that can handle the applications that you are going to ask them for in the future.

Need help setting up the mobile hydroponic farm of your dreams with good strong racks? Call 503-470-5283 and we can help you get what you need. You can order the mobile grow racks for yourself by clicking that link.

Cheviot plays host to an indoor farm using aquaponics techniques to grow its wares. However, not only is it using fish to grow produce twice as much produce in half the time, but it is also employing adults with disabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • An indoor farm in Cheviot, Ohio is using fish and hydroponics to grow produce twice as much and in half the time through a technique called aquaponics.
  • It also is using a company that hires adults with disabilities to harvest the greens.
  • It has been open since 2018 and provides those greens to local restaurants.

Quote: “By growing indoors, the facility is wheelchair accessible and climate controlled. Kevin Potts, executive director of the Ken Anderson Alliance, says the aquaponics system allows them to grow twice as much produce as an outdoor farm in half the time.” (Monks, 2020)

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The mobility sturdiness trade-off in consumer versions

Anytime you start talking about a movable rack people usually think about the chrome unit you can find in just about any store. The problem with using these racks is that they are not meant for commercial intent. It means that they are far less strong than their industrial counterparts. However, it does not mean that there are growers who do not have success with them, in fact, many beginner growers have excellent success with these carts or shelving units. It is inevitable at some point that the grower will find that they have outgrown these units. If you are at that point then a question you may be having is where do I find units that are better than these. Maybe you have lost more than your fair share of yields because of these less than ideal units for what you are doing. There is, at least, a trade-off that happens when you choose to use nonindustrial versions of these mobile carts. That is not to say that there are not any industrial versions of these mobile carts. There are, in fact, industrial-strength movable cannabis racking systems that you can find in the marketplace including the one we have available here.

“If you take into mind how much a professional material handling created movable cannabis racking system can hold then you will see that there is no comparison. These units can hold up to 2500 pounds per level.”

How much can you actually grow on the shelf – Industrial vs Consumer

We have mentioned that there is a big difference between the consumer versions of these movable cannabis vertical growing racks or shelves and the industrial versions. The consumer versions of these movable shelves are capable of holding up to 800 pounds on most models. Keep in mind that those numbers are home hardware-based and not the all in one shopping stores we all frequent when we buy groceries. If you take into mind how much a professional material handling created movable cannabis racking system can hold then you will see that there is no comparison. These units can hold up to 2500 pounds per level. They are also seismically engineered which means that they can, or are meant to, withstand earthquakes in the event that they happen. Of course, the unit you are looking at here will be mobile so you will have to account for the possibility of sliding. However, if the unit was anchored into the ground then you would get the full designation of the results of those seismic calculations.

Let us not forget that the smaller versions can also be cramped at times as well. You are not working with a lot of room on the shelves. Whereas a shelving system, such as the ones we carry, hold many plants and have a lot of room for your arms to maneuver around and work with your crop. The systems are far more comfortable for you, your family or your workers to work on every day. You also have more room for your lights and other materials that you may need to grow your crops on a consistent basis with a consistent yield.

If you have ever pushed one of these carts around then you know how terrible it can feel if they go over a bump. You have to be extremely careful to not spill anything because that will damage your ability to make money. The number one rule of growing anything is to not lose any yield if at all possible. It is more difficult if you have a unit that is not meant for industrial use. You will find those units much more wobbly and, frankly, a lot more nerve-racking if you have to move your rack from one place to another if you encounter a decent-sized bump.

Ready to upgrade your mobile rack to something more robust? Click the mobile grow rack link and have a look at those heavy-duty units. You can also call 503-739-8231 if you need more help.

Proper planning from the beginning is key.

If you are looking for vertical cannabis shelving then you need to keep in mind that you have to do proper planning before you get the shelving. It is especially true if you are trying to be a legal grower within your municipality. If you are trying to grow vertically then you have to be cognizant of your local rules, as far as building a structure that is technically a storage unit, into the airspace above you. It is true that you may not get as high as a laptop dealer would but, in general, most things over 5 feet will have to be permitted in order for you to be able to use them. Therefore, looking overhead at how much ceiling space you actually have is a good thing if you are planning to grow legally. We would also like to say that we do recommend that you grow legally and have all the proper permits to do so. All you have to do is read some of our daily news posts to find examples of people who did not grow legally and got caught. Notwithstanding, if you were going to have a vertical growing apparatus you need to make sure that you have enough room so that you can get the proper permits and your local municipality has no problem with you growing your crops vertically.

Was it really made to be stacked?

There is always a question of whether or not the shelving unit you have chosen is capable of doing what you want it to do. There are plenty a makeshift growing apparatuses in the marketplace new or used that are not good enough to be used for what you want it to do. In fact, a lot of them are made of wood which could be very bad for your yield. It is because wood can attract insects and have mold. Neither of these two things are good for your livelihood or your extra income on the side. Granted, if you are looking at a vertical cannabis shelving unit for which to grow in then you are probably big enough where this is your main income. Even more reason that you should do everything you can to make sure that your grow is protected and that you can make the income that you need.

“It is because wood can attract insects and have mold. Neither of these two things are good for your livelihood or your extra income on the side.”

How much does your local grow shop know about material handling?

This may seem like a really weird question to ask but it is very important. You could go to your local grow shop and try to order one of these shelves. However, what you need to realize is that your local growing shop probably is not well versed in material handling. They will not know the ins and outs of getting a pallet rack and what they should be looking out for as far as permitting and safety. The truth is that most of these pallet racks, which are the vertical cannabis shelving units, come with a safety clip. The safety clip tends to fail over time at what it is supposed to do. The safety clip is there to make sure that the shelving unit cannot come off the rack. However, it does tend to lose the ability to do that over time and use. Therefore, you have to be very careful when using this product because it could come off the rack. The thing to do here is to get a safety pin as that does not fail for the most part unless there is some type of damage, user error, or there was a manufacturing error to begin with in the first place. Using a grow rack beam safety pin drop and a safety clip is probably a good idea in most cases. As mentioned before, your local grow shop is probably not going to know this and cannot mention it to you. They also cannot help you through the permit process because this is not something they do consistently. You are better off going with a company that understands you and your needs so that you, your family, and your employees if you have any, are protected while you work on your business’s yield.

If you want a vertical cannabis shelving unit that is strong enough to bring you to new profits and safe then check out this vertical shelving rack here. Conversely, you can call 503-536-7218 to speak with someone who can help you through the process of getting the rack you need for your business.

Growing produce from inside a grocery store is becoming more and more popular thanks to indoor gardening methods. The method has been in use since 2013, in stores, and now is reaching America’s shores in places like Kroger. Kroger has placed these farms inside of their businesses in Seattle. The difficulty has always been the overhead costs of maintaining and keeping the farm going while making a profit. New upstarts like InFarm and Babylon say that they have systems that should do just that in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • More and more indoor gardens are being put into retailers’ stores to lessen the mileage between farms and a consumer’s plate.
  • The method has been active overseas since 2013.
  • Kroger installed a few of these in stores in Seattle and it remains to be seen if the venture will be profitable.

Quote: “Some, like Kroger and Whole Foods, have taken that step by bringing high-tech produce farms into their aisles — a budding movement that’s made possible by advancements in growing technology.” (Wells, 2020)

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Retirement communities are making use of indoor gardens to engage their residents. The residents are distant at first but then show signs of excitement later. Eldergrow, the program, has 45 gardens running in 31 communities. It has been running for five months in Washington thanks to a state grant.

Key Takeaways:

  • A retirement community has a new program where residents are taught to care for indoor growing gardens.
  • Eldergrow is running 45 gardens in 31 communities.
  • Residents are distant in the beginning but show excitement after a while.

Quote: “When residents are first introduced to the activities, she said they are typically distant at first, needing encouragement, until someone breaks the ice. She said she can always tell the gardener in the room and she often says to people, “I can tell you were a gardener.”
Then the flood gates open and their excitement is contagious, she said.” (DeFord, 2020)

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One of the main problems with online search is a disconnect between the people searching and the people providing. Why is this? It is because both sides have their own way of speaking about the same thing. You can multiply that factor by two when you have a business to business deal because you have two sets of jargon. For example, a mobile grow room. It is industry-speak for a very certain type of growing system, however, that is not what people who provide tools for the project call it. Different types of mobile racks exist in people’s minds. There are some who think a mobile grow room is a room filled with those chrome carts. Others see rows of pallet racks with wheels. There are some who even see a mobile grow room as a room that was built out of a modular office. In fact, when a layperson looks at this search it is not immediately clear what the searcher’s intent is for this search. Is a room that is mobile itself? Is a room that is filled with mobile grow racks? If it is the latter then are they industrial strength or are they the racks you can find on Amazon? Either way, there are a few questions to ask.

“It is because both sides have their own way of speaking about the same thing. You can multiply that factor by two when you have a business to business deal because you have two sets of jargon.”

How mobile do you need it?

The first question to ask is how mobile you actually need the set up to be when you get it mobile. Of course, that really all depends on what your overall vision is for your grow room. The truth is that most people think of growing laterally instead of vertically. However, if you choose the right growing platform then you can do both at the same time. The fact is that going from one plant to two is usually done laterally but you could just as easily do it vertically. Sure, there might be some logistics involved with doing that action but the fact is once you reach a certain level in the industry you are forced to think vertically instead of laterally. It is during these times that planning from the get-go to be a company that grows vertically is a good thing. Again, you can have the best of both worlds if you grow vertically and make that unit mobile as well.

Maybe all you need is the room to create space. Rooms get full and busy especially if you are growing a lot of plants at the same time. If you try to do this in a room that is mostly stationary then you will know how frustrating it can be to work in such an enclosed area. You could probably save yourself time by being able to turn the growing rack 360 degrees. You can choose whatever way you want to approach the work and the system is adjusting to you instead of the other way around. If you are working to grow a lot of plants all at once then fatigue might become an issue. Might as well be nice to yourself and save yourself time and effort.

If you are looking to upgrade your chrome rolling racks then you can do that easily with these grow light shelving units. Want an industrial-sized growing apparatus that can become your mobile heart and soul? Check out the mobile grow rack there.

We are always talking about scaling up because it is what everyone wants. Almost no one wants a smaller business. Everyone wants more and a bigger business that is capable of doing more and more. Therefore, if you are talking about moving from one plant to two then you probably have your eye on eventually moving up to the legal limit that you are allowed to grow. If you are going to do that then it is time to start thinking about getting into the commercial grow racks and out of the hobbyist growing supply section on Amazon.

You still have to make a choice here as you could always go with a mobile grow rack and that would be fine. If you are a person who is ready for the big time then you should consider growing in something that was meant to handle the kind of weight and production you are going to put it through. You want to grow in a vertical commercial growing rack that will allow you to scale up quickly.

Why one of these?

It is because it, likely, is a lot more space than you are used to having and that is not even counting the space above the rack. We are talking about dimensions here. If you have been growing out of a little tent then you will definitely notice the size jump. If you move from anything you can find on Amazon then you will notice that this is a big move and you have come a long way from those humble beginnings. It clearly signals to you and the rest of the people who work with you that you are ready for a larger game.

Of course, you are not regulated to just growing side to side. You are going to be able to grow vertically with one of these racks. Each level is a profit center you can add on to your bottom line as long as you have figured out your profit and loss ratios. Once you have those figured out then it is a question of how soon you can generate the money to get another rack or build onto your current commercial rack vertically.

Finally, you get a system that is known not to generate bugs or mold. Wood-based racks can do just that which can eliminate week’s worth of work because of the intrusion of insects or mold. If you have factored this into your loss and yield then you may not have to continue to use that same factor in the future. The use of a vertical rack made of metal will help you avoid those problems.

Looking for a commercial grow rack that will help you build your profits vertically? Click that link and find out more today.

The world is becoming more and more aware of the benefits of indoor growing/vertical farming. Another piece of evidence for this is the fact that MSU just received a four-year grant from the US Department of Agriculture to study the production of indoor leafy greens. The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Speciality Crop Research Initiative and other organizations had made the grant worth over $5.4 million. The money will be used to find out what the optimal indoor environment conditions are, what the optimal profit on yield should be, and to have indoor farming stakeholders collaborate with learning initiatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • MSU received a four-year grant.
  • The grant was from the USDA and other organizations.
  • The grant, because of matching funding, is over $5.4 million.

Quote: “Erik Runkle, a professor in the MSU Department of Horticulture, was awarded the grant by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Specialty Crop Research Initiative. Others in the industry have matched funding, making the total grant top $5.4 million.” (Schellong, 2020)

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