Wisconsin Growing Company wants to open a new 5,000 sq foot indoor growing facility for hemp. They have said that they want to cultivate 20 to 30 plants in the space. They will view it as a testing ground to grow better plants for when the warmer weather comes around. It will use that it has learned from this facility on their 30-acre farm later in the year.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Wisconsin company wants to have an indoor growing facility in Milwaukee.
  • The space is 5,000 square feet and it plans to have 20 to 30 plants there.
  • The company wants to grow hemp in the indoor space.

Quote: “Wisconsin Growing Co. wants to grow 20 to 30 plants within about 5,000 square feet it’s leasing at 3728 N. Fratney St., said Sam Santana, who operates the company. Wisconsin Growing has applied for a city permit to remodel space on the building’s ground floor.” (Daykin, 2020)

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