The code is being considered in Whitman County and is very close to getting approved according to the article. The code has been worked on for nearly a whole year. The code contains verbiage that says that the operation of marijuana growing facility should have no detectable odor outside of the facility where it is grown. The law also states that the production or processing of the crop must be 1,000 feet away from sensitive areas. The code defines sensitive areas like the following places: schools, playgrounds, parks, and alike. A public hearing is scheduled for March 18th.

Key Takeaways:
A code has been drawn up by Whitman County to control the odor created during marijuana production.
It also does not allow that production and processing to happen within 1000 feet of sensitive facilities.
It defines those facilities as schools, churches, and other public gathering places.

Quote: “It is currently under State Environmental Policy Act review in Olympia and a public comment period until March 12. County Commissioner Dean Kinzer said the commissioner’s office wanted to get the code as tight as possible regarding growing marijuana in the county.” (Thorington, 2020)

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