Trinidad and Tobago officials have pulled some Cannabinoid products. They are worried about the effects CBD products could have on the populace. The officials mentioned that if the CBD manufacturer makes a claim and has more than 1.2% then it is a drug. If it is a drug then it has to be registered. Rules and regulations on how to deal with the product in the future are being developed.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Director of Chemistry Food and Drugs, Faaz Khan, told reporters that some CBD products have been pulled from shelves.
  • He mentioned that CBD when it makes a claim and is above 1.2% then it is a drug and is subject to the same registration process as drugs.
  • Rules and policies are not set up to handle the import of the product yet.

Quote: “Khan said it has not been evaluated by Chemistry Food and Drugs and therefore is unable to verify safety or use of product within the domestic market. He added on the THC content, which is more dangerous part of the plant falls under narcotic which is a different regime.” (Neaves, 2020)

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