An official from the Ohio Department of Agriculture warns new and experienced farmers that growing hemp could be a mistake if they are not prepared for the realities of growing the crop. James Belt, an ODA hemp inspection manager, ran down the points that make it difficult to grow hemp successfully. The points were numerous and included THC levels being too high because a selection of seeds was not properly vetted before growing them, harvest time differences between inspection and the window to harvest can cause too much THC to be produced, also that hemp needs to be moved often as to not develop mold, amongst other issues in the article.

Key Takeaways:

Hemp can be extremely difficult to cultivate as it needs to be moved often so it does not produce mold.
Farmers are required to report their harvest time 14-15 days before they intend to do so. If the grower harvests 14-15 days after the sample is taken then the crop will exceed the allotted .3% THC content rule according to the article.
The article also mentions that farmers have to be extremely careful of who they buy seeds from to make sure that they are not buying plants that produce high levels of THC.

Quote: “Belt believes it would be very risky for an inexperienced producer to attempt to grow the crop. He said he did not want to deter anyone from growing hemp but rather make sure potential cultivators know what they’re facing.” (Gartrell, 2020)

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