A 36-year-old rubber plant, or Ficus Elastica, has been growing indoors in a restaurant quietly. A pizza restaurant in Dartmouth has maintained the tree that is inside of the establishment. It is such a part of the restaurant that no one has ever stopped to think about this tree. It has been there for 36 years and feels like a part of the landscape to most locals. The plant was originally supposed to improve the air quality of the restaurant as the rubber plant is said to absorb chemicals and break them down. It was a bigger issue when there were smoking and non-smoking sections of restaurants.

Key Takeaways:
A rubber plant has been growing inside a restaurant in Dartmouth for over 36 years.
Rubber plants like this one have had studies done by NASA that say that they clean the air of harmful chemicals.
The rubber plant in this restaurant was given to the owner by his brother in 1984.

Quote: “The restaurant used to be divided into smoking and nonsmoking sections. The large leaves were supposed to catch some of the smell as rubber plants improve indoor air quality by absorbing airborne chemicals and break them down. They can also eliminate bacteria and mold spores in the air.” (Silvia, 2020)

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