The United Kingdom has its hopes up that vertical farming and indoor gardening can help ease the pinch that their residents felt last year during the heatwave. The article notes that 30,000 heads of lettuce a week head to be imported just to keep enough on shelves in the region. It is a growing trend as many people and countries are starting to realize that they may have to look at other methods of supplying produce other than the traditional methods currently available.

Key Takeaways:

  • The United Kingdom has been more concerned with food security and being able to feed themselves with the EU exit and weather patterns that have made growing produce more difficult.
  • Vertical growing and indoor gardening have been looked at as possible solutions to this problem.
  • The article notes that 30,000 heads of lettuce a week had to be flown in from California during the heatwave in order to keep food on shelves.

Quote: “The supply lines from farm to fork that many of us take for granted can be more fragile than we think, as illustrated by recent weather events in the UK.” (Wade, 2020)

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