The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Grasses for the Masses program is asking Virginia residents to grow grass to help restore underwater grasses that are native to the region. The grass benefits wildlife and also provides a way to clean water. The grass was declining due to pollution but has been making a comeback recently. The finished […]

Fixed Vertical Grow Rack

Urban farming has been a thing in Eugene for a long time. In fact, in 2016, Eugene, Oregon was voted the top city for urban farming by Redfin. The thing that they fail to mention is that urban farming does not have to happen outside but it can happen inside as well. You can farm […]

Come on down and check out our Booth #644 at the Indo Expo at the Portland Expo Center. The show runs Saturday and Sunday, August 4 & 5, 2018. Saturday is for B2B / Industry Professionals, and Sunday is open to the general public. See for details. Be sure to stop by. We’re in […]

We had a great time at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference at the Portland Expo Center on January 23-25, 2018. We set up a display of our Vertical Grow System and Botanicare 4’x8′ Grow Trays. You know, the funny thing about those grow trays, is that everyone knows that they are (obviously) 4ft x 8ft, but […]