“There are products in marketplaces like Amazon where you can grow vertically but they are mostly targeted at beginner growers.” Looking for vertical farming trays? There are questions you should ask yourself before settling on any of them. Why? It is because the decisions you make now affect what you will be doing in the […]

You probably do not want a farm where someone can say, “that’s a cute little farm.” One of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are looking at a mobile hydroponic farm set up is how mobile do you need it to be? The answer to that question will tell you what type […]

Cheviot plays host to an indoor farm using aquaponics techniques to grow its wares. However, not only is it using fish to grow produce twice as much produce in half the time, but it is also employing adults with disabilities. Key Takeaways: An indoor farm in Cheviot, Ohio is using fish and hydroponics to grow […]

The mobility sturdiness trade-off in consumer versions Anytime you start talking about a movable rack people usually think about the chrome unit you can find in just about any store. The problem with using these racks is that they are not meant for commercial intent. It means that they are far less strong than their […]

Proper planning from the beginning is key. If you are looking for vertical cannabis shelving then you need to keep in mind that you have to do proper planning before you get the shelving. It is especially true if you are trying to be a legal grower within your municipality. If you are trying to […]

Growing produce from inside a grocery store is becoming more and more popular thanks to indoor gardening methods. The method has been in use since 2013, in stores, and now is reaching America’s shores in places like Kroger. Kroger has placed these farms inside of their businesses in Seattle. The difficulty has always been the […]

Retirement communities are making use of indoor gardens to engage their residents. The residents are distant at first but then show signs of excitement later. Eldergrow, the program, has 45 gardens running in 31 communities. It has been running for five months in Washington thanks to a state grant. Key Takeaways: A retirement community has […]

One of the main problems with online search is a disconnect between the people searching and the people providing. Why is this? It is because both sides have their own way of speaking about the same thing. You can multiply that factor by two when you have a business to business deal because you have […]

Grocery stores are, increasingly, turning to indoor farms for their produce. They are trying to reduce the miles between the farm and the consumer through the use of these farms. Big companies like Kroger have strategic partners like Infarm who grow some of the produce in the store. The article says that the vertical farming […]

We are always talking about scaling up because it is what everyone wants. Almost no one wants a smaller business. Everyone wants more and a bigger business that is capable of doing more and more. Therefore, if you are talking about moving from one plant to two then you probably have your eye on eventually […]