Since many citizens are confined to their homes from social distancing and isolation policies due to the coronavirus, many of them have taken a keen interest in indoor gardening. Also, since plant nurseries were deemed essential businesses, consumers were able to purchase plants and fixtures for their living spaces during the pandemic. These houseplants are […]

Instead of buying herbs from the supermarket, a much fresher and safer way to get herbs is to simply plant them yourself. When planting herbs, it’s important to do research as each specific herb requires a different amount of water and sunlight each day. Most herbs will thrive with packaged potting soil as this soil […]

An innovative teenager in Dubai is putting his scuba diving skills to good use by cleaning up the ocean. Akshansh Khrodia has created a new lift-bag to remove trash from the sea-floor. The bag itself is constructed from a waste sack, old shoelaces, and a carabiner hook. It functions better as well, if not better […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed several issues in our agriculture supply chain industry. Many experts believe the future of agriculture will rely on vertical farming. This process is cheaper and more efficient as it uses less space, and the produce is grown closer to consumers, reducing the transportation costs. Companies like Local Leaf have been […]

A recent study has shown that the only way our agriculture industry can be viable is to reduce overconsumption. The societal influence of growth and affluence within farming has often been overlooked, but scientists believe that it’s vital for sustainability. Although new technologies are aimed at increasing biodiversity and combatting climate change, humans are still […]