“You can see the University of Massachusetts article where they talk about this fact in the sources below. Treatments do not protect the wood from water but it does protect it from the pests, fungi, and other things that like wet wood. The treatments are designed to protect you from microscopic or visible pests destroying […]

“You may have a grow tray between the water and the wood but you still may have accidents where water will get on the wood… If you do not catch it soon enough then you may find that you have a very heavy shelf of plants and water coming down on you in a very […]

“If a company works primarily in an area where seismic calculations are not needed then they probably do not have the calculations to give you because… The company also lacks the experience or knowledge that will guide you through a successful process of procuring permits…” Every grower has to start out somewhere and most of […]

“If you could get the led lights into the system then it would be tight and you would be risking a fire because the lights would be too close to the plants. Your product and profits would, literally, go up in smoke and so would your building too.” Looking for a vertical hydroponic system for […]

80 Acres Farms is growing produce as part of an art show in New York. It is on one of the busiest streets, Fifth Avenue. It will grow tomatoes continuously for the next six months. New Yorkers will be able to look in on the crop during the exhibition which will run through August. It […]

A new indoor growing facility has caught the attention of some in Long Island. It is a business growing produce and it is named Urban Fields Agriculture. It is part of a movement that is starting to gain traction and that is indoor farming and gardening techniques. It is using hydroponic growing methods to grow […]

“You should consider leaving an ample amount of space for fire code reasons and other permitting issues. A knowledgable company can help you through the process and guidelines so you do not have to worry about it or get shut down for an indeterminate amount of time.” There are several kinds of wheels you could […]

New products are being released all the time to help people grow their own food or other recreational plants. One aims at being helping high-class people enter the hydroponic growing world while not doing very much. It is designed to be filled with water once a week and then it follows the recipe for whatever […]

“The consumer-level products you find tend to say that they are “industrial grade”. However, that usually means that they can handle up to 800 lbs. A selective rack converted into cannabis racking can hold 2500 lbs per level.” If you are looking for cannabis racking then that means that you are ready for a higher […]

A fire that burned a downtown Eugene building was allegedly caused by an enthusiast of marijuana making hash oil. It is illegal to use butane to extract cannabis. It is legal if the person has a license from the OLCC as a recreational processor. They also have to be licensed by OHA specifically as a […]