Experts predict that within the next 10 to 15 years, vertical farming will be the dominant form of agriculture. Given that trends within the last of 5 years indicate an exponential increase in vertical farming, this prediction seems to be accurate. Vertical farming has many advantages, such as increased global production of food, low cost, […]

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is crop production within an enclosed structure, and it is growing fast in the US. CEA includes vertical farming, the market for which is projected to reach $3 billion by 2024. CEA requires fewer chemicals, a smaller growing area, and less water than traditional farming. Its lone ecological drawback is energy […]

Poughkeepsie-based Farmers & Chefs likes to showcase the freshest produce of the region through its food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurant. Owner John Lekic has recently taken to growing his own vegetables and herbs using a shipping container growing system bought from an Israeli company. The vertical garden is climate controlled and uses automated watering. The […]

One student at Arizona State University created a new food growing system, which completely skips the farm process of food growing. This system is called a vertical farm, and is so small that it can sit in the corner of a grocery store. This system reduces food waste, and can process over 2,000 pounds of […]

A Texas A&M student named Broch Saxton has built a vertical hydroponic growhouse. This invention should help people learn to have greater access to quality food. This allows more room for the crops without having to use traditional resources. Saxton has partnered with University Professor Ms. Templin to get a $60,000 grant to build this […]

Chew Jo Han, a former fashion industry professional, created a hydroponic growing system in his office. The small vertical farm used artificial light to grow food. One of this man’s friends took it upon himself to grow an indoor farm as well using balcony and bathroom space to make room for hydroponic plants. Both men […]

Climate change impacts all of us, but it especially affects those that are in the business of agriculture. Climate change is a threat to the health of fruits and vegetables as well as the soil, the change in climate keeps evolving. Farmers are accustomed to change and can normally adjust to it, but the way […]

If you have a very small apartment, no yard or live in really poor weather, there is still ways to garden. If you live in a place where it rains a lot, use a trellise in order to keep plants elevated so that they’re not drowned in puddles. If you don’t have a yard, you […]

Indoor agriculture may not sound like it is the more prominent method of growing cannabis but it is being widely used because of the rich soil that can be provided indoors and out of the elements. The soil in the outside world needs a lot of nourishment and attention and that is why people who […]

Are you a consumer-level grower or an industrial level grower? It is one of the first questions that should always be asked before you start shopping for supplies and/or equipment. If you are searching for cannabis grower racks then you will find that there are a lot of consumer-level products in the marketplace. This could […]