During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been utilizing their time at home by indulging in the world of indoor gardening. The sale of these houseplants, or “plant babies” as Millennials refer to them, has been on the rise, especially in countries like Australia. Some plant enthusiast have even likened collecting houseplants to catching Pokemon, […]

It’s becoming more clear that we need to do more to obtain a global sustainable agriculture. There are a few things farmers can do to get the most of their soil. They can re-use compost and plant leftovers to feed the soil. Using this or manure should get more yield. Reducing our reliance on fossil […]

Indoor gardening has grown rapid popularity in 2020, and there are a few summer houseplants that are perfect for first-time gardeners. For one, string of pearls is a simple, hanging houseplants that doesn’t need much sunlight or care. There’s flowering maple, which provides stunning deep orange colors to accent your living space. Also, oxalis is […]

A Colorado Springs company is taking agriculture to the next level by utilizing hydroponic growth methods. Industrial Hemp Farms is attempting to meet the growing demand of the hemp industry by investing in product development of different hemp flower strains. These flowers have varying levels of cannabinoid content, and constantly regulated for pH, water, and […]

Nonington Farms, an agricultural company located in the Kent, has recently been honored for its dedication to sustainable farming. The organization Linking Environment And Farming, or LEAF, has given the English farm an award for its commitment to the environment when it comes to agriculture. In these troubling times, it’s important for local farms to […]