A fire that burned a downtown Eugene building was allegedly caused by an enthusiast of marijuana making hash oil. It is illegal to use butane to extract cannabis. It is legal if the person has a license from the OLCC as a recreational processor. They also have to be licensed by OHA specifically as a medical processor with the state.

Key Takeaways:

  • A man allegedly attempted to make hash oil.
  • The attempt may have caused a building in downtown Eugene to catch fire.
  • There are other ways of extraction that are safer and should have been used instead.

“Over the years, there have been many hash oil incidents that have led to serious injuries. In 2017, Eric Scully was sentenced to seven years in prison for setting a storage facility on fire when he was making butane hash oil.” (Dendy, 2020)

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We are always talking about scaling up because it is what everyone wants. Almost no one wants a smaller business. Everyone wants more and a bigger business that is capable of doing more and more. Therefore, if you are talking about moving from one plant to two then you probably have your eye on eventually moving up to the legal limit that you are allowed to grow. If you are going to do that then it is time to start thinking about getting into the commercial grow racks and out of the hobbyist growing supply section on Amazon.

You still have to make a choice here as you could always go with a mobile grow rack and that would be fine. If you are a person who is ready for the big time then you should consider growing in something that was meant to handle the kind of weight and production you are going to put it through. You want to grow in a vertical commercial growing rack that will allow you to scale up quickly.

Why one of these?

It is because it, likely, is a lot more space than you are used to having and that is not even counting the space above the rack. We are talking about dimensions here. If you have been growing out of a little tent then you will definitely notice the size jump. If you move from anything you can find on Amazon then you will notice that this is a big move and you have come a long way from those humble beginnings. It clearly signals to you and the rest of the people who work with you that you are ready for a larger game.

Of course, you are not regulated to just growing side to side. You are going to be able to grow vertically with one of these racks. Each level is a profit center you can add on to your bottom line as long as you have figured out your profit and loss ratios. Once you have those figured out then it is a question of how soon you can generate the money to get another rack or build onto your current commercial rack vertically.

Finally, you get a system that is known not to generate bugs or mold. Wood-based racks can do just that which can eliminate week’s worth of work because of the intrusion of insects or mold. If you have factored this into your loss and yield then you may not have to continue to use that same factor in the future. The use of a vertical rack made of metal will help you avoid those problems.

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If you are new to the business in Eugene, Oregon, or anywhere else for that matter, then it might be difficult to know where to go when you want to get started. There are a lot of factors like what lights to use, what supplements are best, and much more. It can get confusing. If you are scaling up then you will realize that you will have a hard time doing it. It is because it is harder to get industrial grade growing supplies out to your area. Therefore, it might be hard to understand where and how to get the tray and light supports you need for your grow rack aka flood table.

Wood vs Steel

One of the first things you will have to ask yourself is if you want to use steel or wood for your grow rack. A lot of newer growers opt for the wood version because it is cheaper and faster. A lot of newer growers have built a few things in their time and that seems like the best way to go because of the experience. What they tend to find, at some point, is that the wood starts attracting bugs. It also tends to rot if untreated, badly treated, or if the treatment needs to be re-applied. Of course, the longer the wood is subjected to water the more likely or sooner the rotting can begin. If you do develop rot then your rack will start being unstable and you can lose a lot of work quickly.

In general, the longer-term play that ends up saving new grower money over the long run is using galvanized steel from the very beginning. You might be thinking, “steel rusts.” You would be correct except the process of galvanization is what makes this resistant to water and corrosion.

What Galvanized Means for you

Galvanized means that the steel has a layer of zinc has been put over the steel so that it is resistant to interaction with water. The zinc forms a barrier between the water and the steel. You get the strength of steel without the weakness of steel can corrode which means it is perfect for a hydroponic style of growing. Steel also is not like wood in that it does not rot and insects, at least the ones we know of, do not eat it. Most of the problems associated with wood are taking care of just by using galvanized steel.

Do you really need the tray and light supports?

The answer is yes because you need somewhere for your grow rack/flood table to sit. If the rack is below another one then that is where you are placing your LED grow lights or anything else you find necessary to hang overhead of your grows.

Finally, these supports are very strong. They can handle up to 1500 lbs each. A good thing so that you can breathe a little easier when adding soil and water, or just water to your grow. You have to keep in mind that when you are hanging your lights. Every little bit adds extra weight but you should be nowhere close to using up the 1500 lbs of weight our tray and light support can handle.

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Staying power is the missing element in a grow based business that every business in that field wants but does not always achieve. If you have had it in the growing industry then you should be congratulated. The truth is that not many do for a variety of reasons. Some find out that they do not get a tax break on their labor and costs and jump out of the market, see this blog post for more information. Some do not have a sales or marketing system to support their business. There are people who never figure out how to grow a decent crop and turn a profit. There are some who just do not have the heart for it. But, you do, and you are rewarded by being able to scale up your business. If there is any time for a high capacity vertical growing system then it is now because you have proven yourself worthy of such an undertaking.

You probably started like a lot of people and that was with, probably, some kind of grow tent or supply from Amazon. You were good with that for a while because you needed to learn to grow and to take your bumps initially. If you are going to lose money then it makes sense to lose money on a small scale until you know you can scale up properly. You did, eventually, by getting a rack from somewhere or maybe you reordered the same kit so you could double your profits. But, now, you are ready for more because you have passed every test until now.

If you want a high capacity vertical growing system then it is time to start looking into pallet rack as your vertical growing apparatus. Why? It is heavy-duty, it can handle the weight you are going to throw at it. You can attach your lights to it. If you really wanted to do so then you could make it mobile by adding wheels on to it. In fact, it will allow you to grow more than you have ever thought possible. If anything, this is a major step up that will allow you to grow faster than ever before financially and literally.

You also may be wondering if you should use wood or steel for your growing rack. The truth is that wood attracts bugs, can rot and can attract mold. All of which you want to keep off your growing racks. Steel has a much better time resisting all of these elements. If you are going to go into the high capacity area of growing then you want a steel rack as the apparatus you use to help you grow faster and more profitably.

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A few years back, when things got legalized in Oregon, everyone flooded into the marketplace to get a little piece of the pie. Who would not? There are worse things to do than figuring out how to grow something that you might be using recreationally or medicinally. What they did not tell you is that there would be so many of you all at once. They also did not tell you that finding a spot to grow things would be difficult because of zoning issues and the fact that some landlords did not want “your type” in their building. All in all, if you survived the first few years in any state after legalization then you deserve a pat on the back. It probably was extremely difficult and the fact that you cannot write off your expenses or labor came as a shock and you had to find a way to survive that as well.

If you survived that initial run and watched some of your competitors leave the marketplace then you are probably ready to move up to a bigger operation. You probably are starting to think about growing in a way that is scalable. Maybe you had the tent on Amazon that gave you just about everything you needed to grow some product but now, within the law of your state or not, depending on who you are and how well you hide it (of course, we do not condone this as a business for legal reasons), you want to scale up your business.

Scaling Up Your Business

One of the best ways to scale your business is literally to grow up and higher. Why? Your product is physical, therefore, it needs physical space. If you have people working for you then you need them to be able to traverse around the area where you grow. You also need space to put your favorite growing supplements like Big Bud, Floragro, some Cal-Mag supplement, or whatever it is you use as your mixture to get your product to grow. You know as well as we do that these are big and unwieldy cans, bottles, or whatever the case might be. In short, real estate is at a premium, especially if you are big enough to produce your own solar power or if you are capturing the water runoff you are using and then reusing it again. Space is at a premium and maybe that extra bit of space can produce more product, within your state law’s parameters, that you can sell. Maybe it is another variety or strain of Marijuana you want to grow. Whatever the case may be, growing up and higher is the best possible solution for you.

What are your choices?

The question you have to ask yourself, at this point, is how big of an operation am I going to be in the next phase? Of course, the local government might tell you but, ultimately you make the decision which dictates what sort of rack you should get. There is a mobile grow rack that is good for intermediate to beginner growing operations then there is the vertical grow rack. There is a little bit of a misnomer as it relates to the vertical grow rack because it makes it sound like a mobile system cannot have more than one to two levels. In fact, there is a mobile racking unit that is motorized that eliminates aisles in your facility. You turn a wheel and you can access your product because the entire row will move to the side. The wheel or turning action can be manual or electric if you are wondering. A system like that can get up to 20 to 30 feet but you may have to check with your local fire department to see how high you can actually get your product in your specific building. The other version of a mobile rack is probably the one you have in your head. It is on wheels and can be moved around an area fairly easily. It is the cheaper of the two mobile units. It is limited to grows of 8 to 12 feet or around 2 or 3 grow levels. Finally, the vertical grow rack is a stationary unit.

Something You Should Know Before You Buy Anything

Your particular city or state may require that you have your rack seismically tested before it can be used. There have been operations shut down because they did not have their racks tested before they went into use. The mobile grow racks that feature the crank wheel system are seismically tested so you can get the permits you need. The vertical grow rack is one we can help you with including performing seismic calculations and assisting with permits if you wish. Finally, the caster mobile rack system, the one with wheels, actually does not need a seismic test because it is considered a cart by most cities, although it is still smart to check ahead of time if you are planning to be by the book.

If you are interested in any of these solutions then you can find them by clicking their respective links. If you want to look at the mobile solutions then click here. If you want to look at the vertical solution then click here.

Urban farming has been a thing in Eugene for a long time. In fact, in 2016, Eugene, Oregon was voted the top city for urban farming by Redfin. The thing that they fail to mention is that urban farming does not have to happen outside but it can happen inside as well. You can farm indoors and you can do it with the highest efficiency possible by growing your wares vertically.

A vertical farm sounds like it has to do with sustainability and, for the most, part it really does. There is a lot of talk about how hydroponic systems and aquaponics systems reduce the amount of water wasted trying to produce products. If you are doing the traditional farming method then you are trying to get the topmost soil wet enough so that the roots can get the water and nutrients from down below. The indoor methods, aquaponics, and hydroponics, the water is below and the water can be filled with nutrients which means that the plant does not have to work as hard trying to get to the nutrients. Therefore, it uses less water and that is how it works, in theory, at least.

If you live in Eugene, Oregon then you are sitting in a hotbed of urban farming in both the traditional sense and the indoor growing version as well. Your community there is and there is, probably, a lot of help to be found in the urban gardening and vertical farming community in the area. What you might not find a lot of is supplies to help you grow your operation or business.

Where do you find industrial-strength racking systems for growing in Eugene?

The answer, there are not a lot of places that do it. There is a phenomenon in the shelving and racking industry where there are certain places where you have to have a rack designed with seismic design considerations. Oregon is one of these states where you have to worry about that for permitting purposes. You might as well go with one that is prepared to help you through the process if it sounds confusing or sounds like a headache. You can also choose to do business with a company that only sells racking and shelving that already has the seismic considerations for the product. It helps if the business has done this sort of thing before and knows the ins and outs of the process and can guide you expertly through it.

If you are anywhere in Lane County or near Eugene, Oregon then we would love to help you get properly set up with the shelving and racking you need to do your work unimpeded and quickly as well.

If you live and work in those areas then the fastest you can get industrial-strength racking and shelving systems for your business or personal use is through us. Visit our mobile grow racks or our vertical grow rack and see the solutions available for you and your situation.

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