Indoor gardening and urban indoor farming methods are still facing the power consumption problem. Australia is a place where the marijuana industry is new. They are not sure how much power is being consumed there making the product. They are also unsure how much of it is legal and how much is illegal.

Key Takeaways:

  • The article mentions that Australia has no idea how big the power draw is from producing marijuana.
  • They cannot specifically place the power draw just on marijuana either because people have started to grow crops indoors as well.
  • Australia is struggling to keep up while also moving toward renewable energy sources at the same time.

Quote: “There is no data on how much power cannabis growers in Australia are using. The only estimate is from a Deloitte Access Economics study from 2016, which placed indoor cultivation electricity consumption at $8.9m a year across the industry which had 2,291sqm under cultivation.” (Williamson, 2020)

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