One of the important elements in sustainable farming process is the use of cover crops which prevent erosion, improve soil quality and play a role in weed control. These crops are planted after the harvest and removed before planting of the main crop. The issue that the farmers are running into is the lack of land to produce seed for cover crops. This happens because cover crop cannot mature enough to produce seed before it is removed from the main crop land, so a seed feeder land is required. Researchers estimate that the seed demand will soon be higher than the land availability, and the solution primarily lies in scientific methods used to increase the yield of traditional crops.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farmers are planting crops like grasses and legumes between seasons to help with sustainability and more.
  • However, producing enough seed for the cover crops is a growing problem for farmers.
  • One suggestion is to improve current breeding programs to increase the yield of cover crop seeds.

“As farmers across the globe look to grow food more sustainably – with less water, fertilizer, pesticides and other environmental impacts – the use of cover crops is becoming more popular.”

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