The quarantine has brought on a popularity with health benefits, taking care of plants and bringing them into our homes. Some great tips, have plants that are low maintenance that require minimal sunlight and care. Check your soil, and make sure plants have adequate water to thrive, and plants do need some sunlight. If you see dead or dry leaves those need to be removed from the pant. It helps if you learn about your plant so you know how it best grows. DO not think watering is the more the better, that can cause problems with the roots, less is more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many quarantined people are pursuing new hobbies during their time at home, such as cooking and gardening.
  • Growing indoor plants can make your home look better, and may also be good for your health.
  • Beauty influencers like Anna Clay are among the many people venturing into the world of indoor gardening.

“Home gardening is definitely a popular hobby we’ve been seeing lately. There are a bunch of plantitas and plantitos in the making, and we totally support this!”

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