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With Vertical Growing Systems

Make Every Single Square Inch Count with Vertical Growing Systems

Mobile racking systems are the best way to increase your yields and maximize your grow. Our mobile grow rack lets you convert wasted aisle space into valuable growing space. Vertical growing systems maximize your yield using your existing space by growing up instead of out – increasing your ROI for every square foot you lease or own.

Our easy-to-assemble mobile cloning rack system fits four cloning trays per shelf, can support lights, and is made from 14-gauge steel for durability.

Designed with the grower in mind, our functional, movable rack supports multiple levels of plant drying, in an easy-to-assemble format.

Take control of your growing space with this modular bench system with customizable length, working height, and aisle width.

Grow to New Heights with Vertical Growing Systems

Multiple Layers

Double or triple your yield by growing up instead of out in your existing space.

Highly Mobile

Stop wasting space on aisles for planting, maintenance and harvesting. Mobile racks turn this space into useful growing space.

Functional Design

Our rack designs streamline the time spent watering, harvesting and tending to your crops and optimizing the efforts of your workforce.

Quality Construction

Easy-to-assemble racks made from durable materials ensures your racks will alway do the job, and are ever ready to support your growing goals.

Grow Room Consultation

Let Us Help You Optimize Your Grow Space for Free Today

In just 30 minutes, one of our Grow Higher Experts will gladly help you plan and prepare your grow space for maximum yields so you can avoid the (costly) mistakes that hurt so many growers.

Catwalk System for Grow Racks

Catwalk Systems

Grow Higher, Reach Easier!

These systems are typically installed over the growing area or inside a greenhouse, allowing easy access to crops. The catwalk system provides a stable walkway above the growing racks, helping to prevent damage to the crops.

What Our
Customers Say

We are proud to help growers maximize their yields and expand their grow spaces, while helping them optimize their business with an affordable investment in mobile racks. Hear what they have to say about working with us.

“We more-than-doubled our canopy space with the mobile vertical grow rack.”

David R., Growing Manager

“Grow Higher was awesome to guide me through the process of designing my grow, selecting the right racks, and getting it installed.”

Shawn S. Owner

“I’m now producing twice as much crop and profits are outstanding.”

Robert F., Co-Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Order a Vertical Growing System from GrowHigher?

Once you’ve decided which growing system will work best for your grow operation, you can get your free quote by calling 503-536-7218 or filling out a quote form on any product page or by clicking the button at the top of any page. One of our expert grow room consultants will make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

What Other Services Does GrowHigher Provide?

Coupled with our vertical growing systems, our expert grow room consultants can help you through finding everything you’ll need to make the most of your grow room and increase your yields. To get a free consultation, call 503-536-7218 or contact us today.

Where Can Our Vertical Growing Systems Be Shipped To?

GrowHigher can ship grow racking from any of our distribution centers across the U.S. This means that we can get your vertical growing system to you almost anywhere in the country.

How Can I Know Which Vertical Growing Systems I Need?

Take a look at our catalog of products in the Products Menu, and find everything that matches what you’re trying to accomplish in your operation. From multi-tier growing, to plant cloning, to drying, we have everything you need for most major growing projects. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our grow room consultants.